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I (Jason) created this page to show pics of my vehicles, my brother's vehicles, and to show pics of our friends rigs too. We have respect for just about any vehicle (or piece of junk) so you will see pics of all kinds, both trucks and cars (yes cars can be fun too). This is a pic of my brother Brian's CJ7 with a 4" Skyjacker suspension lift. The meats are 35x12.5 Mud Kings (Soon to come is a 3" body lift to prevent tire rubbings during full flex, and a new 'electric yellow' paint job.) These are pics of the lift installation in Brian's Jeep: These are pics of Jason's CJ-3A project:
Ok, here we go...this is what my never ending project looks like now, all parts have been swapped to my new frame, I'll put pics of the whole process up once I scan them in. Friends vehicles and offroading pics:
Here are a few more random pics from various adventures:
Here are the pics of the locker installation in my '86 Chevy 3/4 Ton:
Cars can be cool too:
Here are some interesting videos (not related to offroading) of the Vermont Technical College Solar Car Club:
  • Moo-Team Video
  • Drive My Car Video
  • Our lawn mower can burn 'em!!

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